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Lucy and Don - I spend my nights dancing with my own shadow

The window is open and I can hear the crickets. I really love it.
I’m looking forward to autumn, and am so sad that summer is leaving.
I wish I had gone to the lake/camping more.
I don’t feel like I’m good enough lately… For anything. Struggling a lot with self worth and internal stress management.
Realizing I definitely depend far too much on other people and my surroundings for happiness and comfort. This must change, at some point. Hopefully soon.
Lucy is always happy to see me. I should try to focus more on her.
I love my dad, no matter what - I think he’s a phenomenal human being and father/husband. Growth is key.
My job is hard lately. I hope this weekend provides some stress relief in a few areas of my life, job included.
I’m pretty happy with my new vacuum/sweeper.
Must be skinnier.
I am so hopeful that Larry’s surgery will be extremely beneficial for him.
My brain sucks… It really takes me to the worst places; and so often lately. How does one purchase or apply for a new brain?